The 2016 American Control Conference, July 6–8, Boston, MA, USA

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Applications Tutorials

Applications Tutorials Sessions:  Tutorials geared towards practicing engineers will run Friday afternoon so participants can attend focused presentations with minimal time away from work. Tutorial materials will be included with the Applications Friday registration


Applications Tutorials Sessions (Back Bay Area)


Control in Green Energy
(Room: Exeter)

Practical Methods 1
(Room: Clarendon)

Practical Methods 2
(Room: Arlington)


The greening of energy generation and utilization requires a lot of automated intelligence and much of that is tightly coupled to feedback control and system theory.  This track presents three tutorials by leading researchers in the areas of smart cars, wind energy, and the smart grid, to give a flavor of the significant impact of control on these areas.  This track will give insights into how control and system theory impacts one of the most significant societal problems of our age.

Model-Based Design of control system relies on models for representing plant dynamics, tuning controllers, generating code for production implementation and real-time testing. These steps will be covered in tutorials presented  by engineers from The MathWorks. Special attention will be given to various controller tuning and design methods: from simple single-input single-output PID controller tuning to tuning of fixed-structure multivariable controllers and model predictive control design.

Theory is wonderful, but eventually you have to plug theory into the physical world to do control on real systems.  After all, model based control requires a good model, and a computer can’t touch the real world without some circuits and wiring.  This track will focus on some new methods and some new insight on familiar methods in how to make these connections.  It  will look at these methods from a unified perspective so that PID tuning moves from knob turning to high performance design.

Session 1: 1:30—3:30

·         Towards a Smart Society: Controlled Cars, Robots and Humans

·         Wind Energy and Controls Research

·         Model Based Design Tutorial

·         Model Predictive Control Tutorial

·         An Alternative for PID Control: Predictive Functional Control - a Tutorial

·         Measurements for the Design of Control Systems

Session 2:


·         Controlling the U.S. Power Grid Smarter

·         Practical Techniques for Control Design – from Simple PID Controllers to Complex Multi-Loop Systems

·         Understanding and Tuning PID Controllers


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